Mr. Knowhow: the story

The start
The story of Mr. Knowhow goes back to the year 2006. Wim Ratering (guitars) and Arno Wegman (drums) got to know each other at school. In 2000, together with school friend and bassist Helenus de Haan, they started playing music in 2000. First they played covers of their favorite bands and artists. Later they also experimented with writing their own music. In 2006 they did, with a composed band under the name Mr. Knowhow, participate in the national student sing-your-own-song festival ‘Nootuitgang’. In 2008 they founded the current band with bassist Marck Kuiken. Singer Wendy Bruyn joined as front woman. With numerous ideas they started writing their own music, although many covers were also played in the beginning.

Out In The Open (2009-2010)

In 2009 Mr. Knowhows first EP was released: Out In The Open. The EP was fully self-recorded in home studios at the end of 2008 and presented with two live shows, including on RTV Noord. At the end of 2009, Wendy suddenly said goodbye. After a short search, Hanny Wolvekamp joined the band as the new front woman, which also heralded the start of a new sound. In addition, it turned out that Marck had little time left for the band in both business and private life. Jeroen Buse came in for Marck on bass. A period of many live shows followed and in between shows they worked hard on new music. The song Remember, from the EP Out In The Open, was also reissued on the compilation album Riot on Sunset volume 20, from the American label 272 Records. The period of live shows and music writing ended with new recording sessions in the studio.

A Noise Revolution (2011-2013)

Early 2011 the second EP of Mr. Knowhow was released: A Noise Revolution. The title refers to the new sound of the band and the new paths that had been taken. Where Out In The Open still had guitar pop and a quiet rock atmosphere, the sound from A Noise Revolution became stronger and sturdier. After the release of the EP, Mr. Knowhow was selected for the preliminary rounds of the Rode Oortjes Festival, followed by a release show for the new EP and several live shows, including the first show in Germany. After the summer it became quiet around the band. At the end of 2011 it was announced that Jeroen Buse could not rehearse and perform with the band due to private circumstances. In early 2012 he was temporarily replaced by Phil Russell. 2012 was also a turbulent year for the band, in which there were little live shows due to private circumstances. At the end of 2012 it was announced that Jeroen would not return to the band and Phil became the new regular bass player. The band returned to the stage at the end of 2012 and the year 2013 was marked by more live shows. In between shows the band worked on new music in the new line-up.

Mk III Analog (2014-2017)

In early 2014, the band spent time in the studio to record a new EP with the newly written work. The EP was meanly recorded in a live setting and also analog – on tape. During the recording sessions the band was selected for the preliminary rounds of the POPGroningen Talent Award. In May 2014 the third EP – Mk III Analog – was released with a special release show at pop stage Punt 1 in Leek. The song Sweet Mama from the EP entered the Indie Chart and got a lot of airplay on local and regional radio stations. After the release, a lot live shows were played again. In 2015 Wim Huizenga joined the band as an additional guitarist. With a second guitarist, Mr. Knowhow also could make the full, fat sound of Mk III Analog on the stage. In early 2017 it was announced that Phil Russell was leaving the band after five years. Band and audience said goodbye to Phil during two special live shows. Almost immediately afterwards it was announced that bassist from the very beginning – Marck Kuiken – was returning. Playing live with Marck continued, but in between the live shows the band also worked on new music.

10 year anniversary and Give Me A Reason (2018-2019)

In 2018 Mr. Knowhow excisted for 10 years. To celebrate this anniversary, the band did a short tour through the Northern Netherlands, which started on Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) and ended during a live show at Echt Erik on the radio. The rest of the year the band worked on new music and at the end of 2018 the band went into the studio for new recording sessions. At the end of December 2018, the new single Give Me A Reason was released, which was well received and also performed well in the Indie Chart on the national internet radio IndieXL. 2019 started with two live shows on Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). The band also played a live show on the radio show Echt Erik, which was recorded and would be released later. 2019 was also dominated by writing and recording sessions and was again ending with recordings in the studio. It was announced that the band would release their debut album in 2020 and a successful crowdfunding campaign was held to release the album on vinyl and CD.

Tornadoes and Quicksand (2020-heden)

2020 kicked off with a show on ESNS and the second single from the upcoming debut album was released: Mr Rabbit. The year 2020 will be seen as a strange year for many, in which the entire cultural sector was turned upside down due to the corona crisis. The performances of Mr. Knowhow were canceled and the release of the debut album was postponed. Mr. Knowhow released a third single – Cheap Shots Come Easy – and also a four-part with live recordings, which were recorded a year earlier during Echt Erik. In mid-2020 it was announced that Mr. Knowhow was selected to participate in the Drentsch Peil XL coaching and showcase festival. After a polling session in June and a subsequent coaching trajectory, Drentsch Peil XL ended in September with two showcases in Emmen and Assen. During the year it turned out that Marck had less and less time for the band because of his work. He still played during the showcases, but then stepped back. Further performances could not take place because of the corona crisis. The band then announced that they were going to release their debut album. The long awaited record entitled Tornadoes and Quicksand was released on December 16th. Prior to its release, the band released the single I’ll Go With You. Mid 2021 the band announced that they found a new bass player in the person of Koert Lingbeek.

In 2022 there was finally the opportunity to play live shows again. Between October 2022 and November 2023, Mr. Know-how the Tornadoes and Quicksand tour. Radio stations were visited, including RTV Noord, and many live shows were played, both acoustic and full rock shows.

Mr. Knowhow is:
Hanny Wolvekamp (vocals), 2009-now
Wim Ratering (guitars), 2008-now
Wim Huizenga (guitars and vocals), 2015-now
Koert Lingbeek (bass), 2021-now
Arno Wegman (drums), 2008-now

Former band members:
Marck Kuiken (bass), 2008-2010 and 2017-2020
Wendy Bruyn (vocals), 2008-2009
Jeroen Buse (bass), 2010-2012
Phil Russell (bass), 2012-2017